Traditional French farmstead hard goat cheese with an earthy natural rind. Firm but creamy paste with nutty sharpness. Raw milk, natural rind, and cave aging add to farm specific and unique flavors of this cheese. Cave-aged between 8-12 months.
Washed curd, firmly pressed raw milk cheese with cream wax rind. Very firm paste with creamy mellow flavors. Progresses to a delightfully sharp flavor with increased aging. Cave-aged between 10-24 months.
Pressed, hard, raw milk, grating cheese with cream wax rind. Very firm, drier paste cave-aged 18-36 months. Develops into strong picante flavor with hints of butter and caramel. Excellent linger.
Firmly pressed seasonal hard cheese with a natural rind. Made only with raw milk produced in the early fall. Sweet flavors and firm paste with occasional eyes. Progresses to a spicy sharpness with increased aging. Aged between 3-8 months. Seasonal availability. 
Pressed pasteurized hard cheese made in miniature wheels and soaked in locally made red wind from True Vine Farm. Soft, creamy paste with a luscious dark rind and delicate flavor. Aged 2-4 months. Seasonal availability. 
Pressed raw cheese, hardwood smoked 4-6 hours. Slightly firm paste with a delicate grassy flavor. Aged 3-6 months. Seasonal availability. 

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