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The 93 acre Linden Dale Farm was originally established in 1797 by Isacc and Marie Feree.  Bought by John Mellinger in 1816, it is currently transitioning into the seventh generation of continuous operation by the Mellinger family.


Ten years ago, Andrew and Mary Mellinger and their children initiated the transition from cows to goats as well as adding a milk processing facility. The farm continues to provide all of the feed and pasture for the goat herd as well as the location for all the cheese making. Only the milk from the Mellinger goat herd is used, making it a true farmstead dairy.


In 2009, the Mellingers established a stand at Central Market in Lancaster which is now the primary outlet for all the dairy products. Today, Linden Dale products reach out across Lancaster County as well in Harrisburg and Philadelphia, in many restaurants, small grocers, and farmers markets.


7th Generation Family-Owned Business

Linden Dale Farm is a 7th generation family goat dairy farm located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Parents, Andrew and Mary, run the business in partnership with their two eldest sons, Andrew Jr. and Abram, along with help from their four younger children. The Mellingers produce many different goat cheeses, yogurt, and milk, all made with the delicious milk from their 100+ goat herd.



Meet the Girls!

All of our happy goats are lamancha and lamancha crosses. They make the journey down to the old barn to be milked everyday in the morning and evening.  We chose the lamancha breed for their mild tasting milk, and their laid-back dispositions.

Their fresh, sweet milk gives Linden Dale Farm's goat milk products their unique flavor and quality. When not milking, they enjoy spending their time out on pasture and eating hay from Linden Dale Farm. 


Each goat has her own distinct voice and personality which is why we love these wonderful animals!

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